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 You own a dressage horse that you have bred or bought and now wish to sell.

 I can offer you my all-inclusive formula

Your horse will not be staying with a horse dealer and will benefit from quality training as well as unparalleled boarding comfort.


My extensive experience will allow me to train your horse, increase its value, possibly compete it, but more importantly to sell your horse with my full support !
-      More than 200 horses sold so far,
-      A wide network of clients,
-      Extensive competition experience,
-      Good knowledge of the market,
-      A high level of expertise


I will handle the sale of your horse from start to finish :
-      Training your horse
-      Turning out in the paddock
-      Recording a sale video 
-      Shooting photographs
-      Finding clients
-      Communication through my network (incl. international network) 
-      Selecting and hosting clients for tryout rides
-      Presenting the horse to clients
-      Organizing the prepurchase exam
-      Providing support for the negotiation and payment of the horse 
-      Organizing transportation of the horse when sold  


In order to sell the horse at the earliest opportunity, it is essential to have a radiographic evaluation (X-ray views consistent with the "Denoix protocol" + back and cervicals) performed beforehand. We can assess how your horse can be sold in collaboration with my vet team, depending on your horse’s radiographic evaluation. It is also possible to arrange for the radiographic evaluation to be made as soon as your horse joins the yard.

Please feel free to contact me for any further inquiries.