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As a French State-certified riding instructor and with my unparalleled expertise in France, I can offer you different packages to take advantage of my technical knowledge as your horse’s trainer/coach :

Individual training session with your horse for one or more days (depending on my availability).


Training in Haras de Hus
100€ exluding tax*
Training or Warm-up in competition
75€ excluding tax*
Box for one day during to train with me in Haras de Hus
25€ including tax
Box to prepare your horse to train me in Haras de Hus
15€ including tax
* Tax are not available when the rider pay himself his training

Taking part in a training clinic with other riders in other facilities (depending on my availability).

Pictures : Clinic in Chazey sur Ain (Laurène Thérisod and Barbara Chavey) and Saumur (Marie Noelle Fulop) organised by the SHF


Olympic rider and instructor, unparalleled expertise in France : 
 31-time French champion 
 51 podium performances at French championships
Sole French dressage rider named to compete in the 2012 London Olympics, achieving GP Special qualification
Participated in the 2013 European championships in Herning, GP Special qualification and best French performance
Participated in the Caen 2014 World Equestrian Games
11 participations at the World breeding dressage championships for young horses 
Including 7 qualifications for the finals and 1 bronze medal
Wins in international shows up to CDI 4* GP level...





The basic principles of my training are:
Confidence and smoothness 
Mutual respect
Diversified work : dressage, gymnastics, riding out, jumping, etc.
Acquiring solid foundations, such as stretch of the neck, balance, rhythm, regularity, a relaxed body, back mobility, etc.




Hans Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen has been my trainer since 2006 and comes to train me and all my horses two days every month. I have also been taking part in federal training sessions with Jan Bemelmans since January 2013.

Hans Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen :
-      national trainer of junior and young riders in Germany,
-      team leader at the World breeding dressage championships for young horses,
-      trained dozens of Grand Prix riders in Germany,
-      German champion with the famous Poetin.