Selected for the World Championships !


Dorian Grey de Hus and Don Vito de Hus wins their trial and qualify  for the World Championships !

The inter-regional championship of Jardy received the selections for the World Championships 2019 at Ermelo in August.

In the 5yo category, Don Vito de Hus (owner : Haras de Hus) gets an average of 87,20%. Dorian Grey de Hus also wins his trial in 6yo category with 90,20%. This performance allows him to get the title of CIR champion !

Congratulations to Cynthia Eggenkamp for the selection of another son of Don Juan de Hus : Emotion de St Val ! He completes the selection for the World Championships.

Thank-you to M Marie and Haras de Hus !

Thank-you to all my team !