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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

The competition results achieved by the horses and the stable do not belong to an individual, they are a team effort :

Xavier Marie has believed in me since 2005; he supports me and encourages me to always do my very best. He heads the Haras de Hus where I have been working since 2006. Through the Haras de Hus, Mr. Marie has been a trigger and a catalyst for my career in high performance sport. I cannot thank him enough...

Hans Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen has been my trainer since 2007. He’s German and one of the world’s best dressage trainers. I have the utmost confidence in him. His ability to adjust to each horse is one of his greatest strengths.

Ariane Pourtavaf assists my coach. She lives in Germany, is German but also French. We have been working together as a team since the beginning of our fabulous story.

Victoria Grondin, my groom, looks after day-to-day well-being of my horses. She prepares my horses, lunges them and provides daily care. She makes sure they’re well, checks that everything is normal and implements specific care instructions (massages, showers, hydrotherapy, etc.).  She comes with me in competition. She worked for her own business before in different stables.
Gwendal Le Stunff is a stable rider. He take care of the horses and he also ride the horses. He has the license of riding trainer. He worked before for his own business in different stables. He prepare now in 2 years a specialization about dressage trainind named "DE JEPS".

Naïs Roussel is the stable rider. She take care of the horses and she ride also. She is also a riding trainer with the license. She also did the "CS Jeunes Chevaux" in Rosières aux Salines to learn riding and managment with Young Horses. 

Gilles Botton has been heading the show-jumping yard of the Haras de Hus since 2010. He’s always on hand to have the dressage horses jump. Gilles has participated in CSIOs with the Belgian team a few years ago. This knowledge and this experience make him a high level specialist. It enables him to carry out selection and training horses appropriated for business and today competition. He has trained champions like CONRAD DE HUS and COREE DE HUS.

Emmanuel Rialland is the member of our staff who manages the fodder stocks and strips our stalls every six weeks. “Manu” is also the strong man for every situation and always ready to help!

Sébastien Jaulin has managed the breaking-in yard of the Haras de Hus since 2008. He adopts an ethological approach when breaking in horses belonging either to the Haras de Hus, or, mostly, to external clients. Sébastien qualified from La Cense and is also a trainer.

Agnes Seeber manages the office of the Haras de Hus. She is in charge of the various administrative management tasks and marketing. She is assisted by Lucile Bourcier.

A team of 4 vets working collaboratively :

Dr Olivier Geffroy is a locomotion expert and has been my referring vet since 2009; he’s also an equine surgeon and eventing rider. Olivier and I share the same philosophy about veterinary issues. The idea is to have a non-invasive and protective approach of the horses. The basic strategy entails observing the horses and managing them by adjusting their work.

Dr Emanuelle van Erck is a vet specializing in internal medicine and sports medicine. She has been looking after my horses for several years, since Riwera de Hus caught a respiratory disease just before the World Equestrian Games in 2014. Since then, Emmanuelle has helped me put in place significant measures to ensure the respiratory well-being of my horses. For example, probiotics are fogged twice a week to manage the environment.

Dr Natacha Gimenez is a vet who also specializes in osteopathy. She is currently the only person whom I truly trust when it comes to osteopathy: her knowledge as a vet makes the difference!

Dr Hubert Terris is the vet in charge of reproduction in the Haras de Hus. He monitors the mares from which the embryos are to be collected and also manages the technical actions relating to the stallions’ semen. He also provides first aid to the sports horses, in team with Dr Thibault Dhier, who is also an equine reproduction specialist.

A team of two farriers with complementary technical skills :

Hubert Ska is a farrier based in Belgium. He works with half of my horses.

Xavier Derrien is the farrier in charge of second half of my horses. He is based in Brittany.