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 I’m fortunate to have settled in the magnificent facilities of the Haras de Hus since 2006.

 The Haras de Hus is located in Petit-Mars (44), a small village near Nantes. The estate stretches over 130 hectares and features numerous pastures and paddocks.
The facilities are divided between the different activities. For instance, the dressage yard has its own facilities, while sharing the indoor school, the outdoor arena, the horse walker, the woods, etc.
The wooden structures, while adding a great deal of charm to the settings, are very functional.

The dressage yard comprises :
18 horse stalls (4 m x 3 m)
7 sand paddocks
9 grass paddocks
4 grooming stalls, including one with a shower and one with a solarium
1 feed room with a washing machine and a dryer
1 tack room
1 Paillard horse truck for 6 horses with a double home-car
1 arena (100 m x 60 m), including 1 dressage arena (60 m x 20 m) and a hygrometry management system by the ground
1 gallop track (900 m)
1 grass arena (100 m x 60 m)
1 indoor school (60 m x 27 m), with a hygrometry management system by the ground

The Haras de Hus also offers :
1 breaking-in facility for young horses managed by Sébastien Jaulin
1 show jumping horse yard managed by Gilles Botton
1 insemination center for mares 
1 semen collection center for stallions
1 stud with more than 50 foalings each year