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Since I started as a professional in the field of horse selling, I have developed a clear idea of my approach to sales. It is an approach I would like to apply to me if I were to buy a horse myself, but which is unfortunately rarely the case.

Having sold more than 200 horses, I have been able to refine my philosophy, keeping the same guiding principles.


    Horse selling is part and parcel of my job. I don’t like selling a horse, because in the vast majority of cases, I have grown fond of it and am sad when it leaves. Aware of my sentimental weakness, I have adopted a process that ensures the sale of each horse is the best possible experience, both for me and for all parties. It is also of particular benefit to the buyers.

   I only sell a horse if I think it is suitable!Yes, I have on occasion refused to sell a horse, even if it meant an unhappy client at the time. My goal is not to sell just one horse, and then hope not to bump into upset people. Quite the contrary, I want to make sure I can confidently meet happy owners! I therefore make sure the horse is a good match for the rider, not just from a technical point of view, but also in terms of its character.

   My working philosophy is based on the confidence and complicityI have with my horses. My horses enjoy turning out in paddocks, they are ridden in the woods and do diversified work for their stability and well-being. I want my horses to be happy.I also put great emphasis on the basics, i.e. correct muscle-strengtheningand relaxation! If you come to my yard, you will find a horse with a healthy mentality, which works the right way.

   When it comes to selling a horse, whether is it a horse I have schooled and known for some time or a horse I am offering for sale as an intermediary for another professional or rider,I make it a point of honor to pass on everything I know about the horseto the buyer.




First contact  You can either find a horse you like among the ones I offer for sale, or tell me what you are looking for with your specific criteria. I will send you a selection of horses that could suit you.
Tryout  We make an appointment for you to come along and try out the horse(s) you have selected. I can also arrange to have you filmed and send you the video.
X-rays  In 99% of cases, the horses I have for sale have already had a radiographic evaluationthat has been assessed by one or two referring vets. The horses therefore have an osteoarticular status that is compatible with sale for use in a sporting context! This is a significant asset for clients, ensuring they will not lose time or money.
Prepurchase Exam  This is an essential part of buying your horse and when it comes to sport horses, I will never sell a horse without the buyer having a prepurchase exam carried out! Yes, I have occasionally had clients who did not want a prepurchase exam. For me, however, the exam is a crucial starting point in the journey you are about to take with your new horse. I can recommend you a vet that suits your needs, close to where you are buying your horse.
Payment  Once the prepurchase exam is validated, we arrange payment which can be made by bank transfer, cheque or a certified bank cheque.
Transportation  If you are unwilling or unable to transport your new horse yourself, I can assist you in finding a transporter that will suit your needs.



    Based on my experience as a top level competitor and French State-certified instructor, I can supervise or even coach you after you have bought your horse. You can of course contact me with questions about your horse, but you can also come and take a lesson if you think you need it.